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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you post the images you create?

Honestly, that is entirely up to you. It's your life. It's your story. When I work with my clients, I realize it is a privilege to get to document these special moments for you. Since it's your story, it's up to you how you want to share them and when. 

I've built my business completely by word of mouth by providing clients with exceptional imagery as well as exceptional customer service. To me, the two go hand in hand. If you don't want your images posted on social media, I understand. I create work that is for my clients to enjoy and cherish now and forever.

While I do blog some of the sessions, I will always ask if it is ok and send a preview before posting. I also occasionally submit images for contests, but again will ask if it is all right.

I've worked with a lot of amazing people. People -- celebrities and people who are fascinating yet not famous (yet) -- who require privacy. The trust they have placed in my company and me are more important than going viral is to me.

Because of the respect that I give my clients, I do ask that whenever and however you share your images, that you would kindly include a "photo by Kelley Bruso" and a link back to my website when possible as my business is built upon referrals.

Ultimately, it is in your hands. I am truly humbled and blessed to have documented so many amazing stories and look forward to doing more.

Investment: How much do you charge?

Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, and Event Coverage begins at $3,750 + tax for 8 hours of coverage.

Portraiture begins at $945 + tax.

For complete pricing details, please fill out the contact form or email us at info@kelleybruso.com, and we'll send you our complete guide.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can reach us by filling out the contact form on the site, emailing info@kelleybruso.com or giving us a call at 347-450-4609.  We do our best to get back to everyone within 24 hours during the week and by the next business day for all communications received on the weekend (unless of course you have a session with us over the weekend -- then you'll be seeing and hearing from us a lot :)

Do you sell digital images?

Yes, we do. High resolution jpegs with full print rights. We also sell amazing sustainably made archival quality prints with them. We want you to have your memories preserved beautifully as well as have the option to share them as you'd like.

Do you offer videography services?

Yes, we do. We want to be able to capture all the moments that make your events special. 

What happens if we or you have to cancel? Or my kid has a melt down? Or it rains on my wedding day? Do you offer refunds?

As you may have noticed, we love to love on our clients, and we understand that sometimes things happen that we or you have no control over. 

If your kids are just, well, having a tough time (let's face it, we can't control everything!), our team will work with you to make sure we get the images. Sometimes that means taking a nap and coming back to it later. Sometimes, that means a reshoot. These decisions are made on a case by case basis.

If something prevents you from coming to the session, please contact the studio as soon as possible. All portraiture and headshot clients can reschedule their appointment within two weeks of their original appointment for a rebooking fee of $25. 

Weddings are big beautiful days full of a thousand details that are booked far in advance. We will be there taking fabulous photos in the rain, snow, or sun. We'll be prepared -- and ready and excited to capture your day beautifully no matter what the forecast!

On our end, we do everything we can to be prepared to have a plan A, plan B, plan C, etc (you get the idea, if we say we'll be there, we'll be there!) We've never missed a shoot and have made extensive plans never to!  Since we have to reserve the days on our team's calendars and there is an opportunity cost if you cancel, all event photography payments are non-refundable.